The Peter Brown Clinic

Case Study

Matt presented himself to me with chronic sinus issues, diarrhoea, mucus in stools, gas and bloating, abdominal pains, chronic fatigue and poor general health. After nasal surgery to help sinus problems left him no better off, he turned to alternative therapies to find some answers. Read his story below!! Matt is now completely symptom free, including the sinus issue!

After years of misery suffering from sinusitis and general ill health, I had reached the end of the line with conventional healthcare. I had become disillusioned with the poor advice and lack of answers that GPs and ENT consultants had been able to provide, especially after being told on more than one occasion that there was nothing they could do to help me, and that I would have to  live with my 'condition'. As my health gradually worsened over time, I started reading up on my symptoms, trying all kinds of things just to help me feel that little bit better. I eventually stumbled  across Pete's website and got in touch.


       After my first visit, I was impressed by the in depth knowledge Pete had, and how he could relate all of my symptoms to a single route cause. This was something I had never heard before from  anyone - it was quite overwhelming . All of a sudden everything started to make sense. After just two treatments, and over a month on the diet plan, I feel like a completely different person. Gone  are the previous symptoms that used to serve as a constant reminder of just how unwell I was. I'm a much healthier and happier person - I've even lost over a stone as a result of the diet regime, which was a pleasant side effect! After years of asking so many questions, I now feel like I have the answers to help me stay fit and well. I am in control of my health for the first time ever. Visiting  Pete's clinic has been a truly life changing experience, and one that will stay with me forever. I cannot thank Pete enough. The level of service is fantastic.  Pete is extremely professional, and   makes you feel completely at ease.



Thank you Pete



Matt came to see me just twice. An iridology exam revealed some insightful pointers that led me to suggest blood tests. The results came back possitive as I suspected. I issued him with a treatment plan and he also had two colonics in total. He followed my diet and plans to the letter. He worked hard to regain is health and thankfully is symptom free.